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Pyramids In America

Display Presentation

A fascinating journey into the world of ancient pyramids, mounds, & other earthworks left by the indigenous cultures that populated the Americas before the recording of history. 


Featuring photos and artifacts from dozens of historical sites that still remain, forming these magnificent earthen monumental complexes representing  geometric engineering genius. The first earthen alters were constructed by the Ancient Ones, the indigenous mound building Muurs of present day North America.


The Mississippi River Valley and its tributaries from the Washita & Red Rivers in Louisiana, the Arkansas River, the Tennessee River, & the Ohio River. Evidence of the Ancient Ones, the indigenous earthen pyramid builders of America, can be found over half of the states including  Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Arizona, New York, Illinois, Iowa  and Minnesota; on into Canada, as well as, the Olmec cultures down through  Mexico Central and South America . They are the  unspoken, often ignored, remains of the First civilizations in America. 

This display can be tailored for specific regions of the country or anthropological periods in pre-historic studies.